Michelle Yeoh From Everything Everywhere Talks About The Spin-Off For Which She Is Ready to Return


Few films get as much attention and recognition as “Everything Everywhere and at Once”. A24 was released almost a year ago, but it is still being talked about as it is the leader in the awards season, having recently won the 2023 Golden Globe and the Critic’s Choice Awards, and CinemaBlend named it our best film of 2022. all his success, can he become a franchise? Michelle Yeoh has thoughts on this.

When Yeoh was recently asked if she would like to see a sequel to “Everything and Everywhere, All at Once,” the actress simply said “no,” before also discouraging her interest in filming for Variety. However, she said she could be in a “spin-off”, expanding her idea with the following words:

I don’t know. I want a universe where I’m a rock star. I want to come back, if I have to come back, as a person who has this amazing voice, you know… This is what our world lacks so much now, it’s peace and love, and I find them with songs, and you know, a great voice, it’s so easy, much easier to reach someone. And if you sing the sea of children… they feel it because it’s all there.

No, she doesn’t mean the epic literal rock scene that caused us all emotions about the meaning of life, Michelle Yeoh is talking about the part of “Everything, Everywhere and at Once” where she needs to go on stage and become a world-famous singer. in the same universe in the movie. Although I personally don’t remember Evelyn Wang breaking a guitar in one of the many universes that flash by during the film, I remember her opera scene very well, which signaled life if she hadn’t followed her love story with Waymond and Ke Hai Quan. I took up singing.

When Yeoh was asked to name her favorite “rock stars”, the actress named Adele, Enya and Lady Gaga, and also thanked many talented Asian singers. Although the actress presented it as a “spin-off” for her favorite movie, for which she recently received her first Golden Globe, it seems that she really just wants to play a rock star more than anything. Although, considering all the universes with Evelyn Wang in the film, it is possible that a sequel or a by-product will somehow explore the concept.

After the success of “Everything and Everywhere, all at Once”, I hope that Michelle Yeo will get her choice of roles, including something musical, which she talked about. Apparently, the actress previously told Variety that she sings only in the shower, but she is also fully prepared to penetrate the world of music more with another role. We expect Yeo to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress next, but she’s seriously neck-and-neck with Cate Blanchett’s performance of “Pitch” for the award.

While we are waiting for the Oscars, which will air on Sunday, March 12, you can stream “Everything Everywhere and at Once” online and wait for her next role, which is the upcoming book adaptation of the novel “A Native American of Chinese Descent” together with many of her colleagues in the film EEAAO, hitting Disney + This spring.


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