Michelle Renaud Gives The Tricks To Keep Such A Figure A Genius


“That’s how she does it!” Michelle Renaud gives the tricks to keep such a figure a genius!
The actress shared on her Instagram everything she does to stay in such good shape.

In her social networks, Michelle Renaud is responsible for sharing her exercise routines and a balanced diet, this being the great secret of the actress to stay healthy and active.

The Mexican actress went from being the youth soap opera girl to being the great influencer of many women on Instagram for looking such an incredible figure, and sharing with all the tips and advice to keep fit like her.


Apart from that, the protagonist of La Reina Soy Yo also tells what foods and tricks she consumes to maintain a good diet and excellent figure and which ones she recommends to her fans.

The famous 30-year-old shared with everyone her exercise routine and here we leave it well detailed so that you can match it. The first are 4 sets of: 10 squats, 30 seconds of static squats and 10 jumping squat.


Then the artist continues with 4 series of: 5 dumbbells on each side, 12 leg extensions, 12 femoral extensions and 15 bridges with the weight you endure.


Finally, the famous assures that you should do 3 minutes of ironing, resting with the intervals you need. According to these, complete and short 3 procedures will give you the perfect silhouette that you can see daily.


Finally Michelle Renaud confesses that you can not miss the healthy dishes in your 3 meals and two snacks that are the basis to help you maintain the great figure that everyone envies.

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