Michelle Obama premiered her documentary on Netflix


What did she do as soon as she got to the White House? The first lady had an admirable gesture.

The Obama’s passage through the White House undoubtedly marked a before and after, not only within the 4 walls, but in the 8 years that they ruled the United States. The sensitivity of the first lady, Michelle Obama , and her concern for the youth of her country, especially her daughters, were key to the mandates of her husband, Barack Obama. With his documentary “Becoming: my story”, sweeping Netflix , it was learned what was the first measure that the former president’s wife took, thinking about the future of their daughters, Malia and Sasha.

In her autobiography, which has been available on the platform since yesterday, the former first lady said that the first time she set foot in the White House was to have tea with Laura Bush, but there was something that caught her attention and I dont like him. “While we were being served tea, I was able to see a lot of older African-American and Latino butlers dressed in suits,” Barack’s wife recalled .

In another passage of her story, the most influential woman in the United States told what were the first measures she implemented when she moved. “I did not want my daughters to have the memory of those men dressed as their servants were,” she explained, adding that once installed in the White House, she completely changed the “dress code” to much more informal and relaxed clothing. “Those men reminded me of my uncles and I did not want my 10 and 7 year old daughters, under any circumstances, to grow up with such a memory of their childhood.”

For some it may be considered a fairly simple measure, but for Michelle Obama it was all a declaration of their political intentions. Her effort not to spoil her daughters went further and she told her employees not to clean their rooms, since they had to learn to do it by themselves. “My daughters threw it at me many times, but I always told them they did it to me because I was the first lady , and the service came with the official position, something they did not have.” Netflix spent two years following one of the most powerful and influential women in American history.

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