Michelle Gomez to Be Madame Rouge in Season 3


Doom Patrol is already presenting the news that appeared in the third season of the series. The latest news features that Michelle Gomez will join the cast of the show. The seasoned actress, who has recently been on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Flight Attendent, will play the role of Madame Rouge on the DC Universe series.

Michelle Gomez’s character

Madame Rouge arrives on the DC Universe series with a mission, which appears to be very important. However, there is a small problem in all of this: she does not remember what is the important task that she needs to accomplish. Peronage will be regular and she is described as an eccentric, compliant and electrifying villainous woman.

A part of the plot of the new season will be wrapped around this important mission that Madame Rouge needs to remember. DC did not release any further information about the new character on the show.

Produced by HBO Max

One of the most curious situations of the third season of Doom Patrol is that the series of DC Universe will be exclusively available on HBO Max. The second season had already been made available on the streaming of DC Universe and on HBO Max itself.

The actors from previous seasons of Doom Patrol have already been confirmed in the new season. There is still no date for the premiere of the new season of the series. Here in Brazil, the series will be broadcast on the CineMax channel that is part of the HBO group.


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