Michele Morrone unveils the theme of his song “Beautiful”!


Michele Morrone is still as successful after all! The handsome Italian singer has just spoken about his latest song.

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Michele Morrone teased us a new single. The Instagram hunk has released a brand new song. “Beautiful” therefore remains in the minds of fans and intrigues them. Never mind, he decided to bring up my community’s theme to his community.

Michele Morrone continues to panic all the gratin … The singer and actor revealed in 365 DNI has in any case made a lot of talk about him lately.

Not long ago, he decided to make his comeback in the studio to record a most sensual piece. “Beautiful” has obviously managed to woo her entire solid fanbase on Instagram.

Finally, it is not very difficult for the latter to arouse curiosity and put himself forward. Every single one of his posts captures the attention of thousands if not millions of fans around the world.

Neither one nor two, they immediately wanted to discover it more closely. Recently, he revealed the theme of his latest song on a Brazilian fan page.

In it, Michele Morrone bluntly evokes what inspired her to write this vibrant title: “Beautiful”. What is certain is that it was a sound close to his heart.

Michele Morrone unveils the theme of his new song “Beautiful”!


In a video published on YouTube, Michele Morrone therefore unveiled the main theme of Beautiful. He then replied to his host, who asked him what his inspirations were.

“This song is about the power of love when you don’t expect to receive love,” he said. “So he’s talking about a person who is living very well, with no problem, nothing like that.”

“So this person doesn’t expect love to come into their life,” he continues. “Sometimes when you fall in love with someone, you just don’t feel ready to hang out with someone yet.”

It is therefore this state that Michele Morrone sought to evoke through his music. Also, the handsome Italian added a nice sentence to sum up the situation:

“In fact, the more you look for love, the less you find it.” And that’s a nice summary of it all in all, because the most wonderful thing is when love falls on us without warning.

The singer continues his comparison with a completely different metaphor: “Trying to find love is like waiting for the hour to pass in class,” he said. “It never ends! “.

To sum up the main theme of “Beautiful”: the power of love is stronger than anything. And comes at the right time who knows how to wait … Here is a beautiful message for all his community of fans looking for love!


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