Michele Morrone troubled by his physique?


Known for his role in the Netflix movie 365 Dni, it seems Michele Morrone is annoyed at being loved just for his looks!

A few months ago, Michele Morrone managed to make himself known thanks to his role in 365 Dni. The film, which aired on Netflix, did not fail to make a name for itself. On the other hand, the young man does not just want to be a “physical”.

Passionate about the world of cinema, Michele Morrone has a true artistic soul. That’s why he decided to get into music. He recently released his new album. But that’s not all.

Just a few days ago, Michele Morrone offered a virtual concert to his fans. He sang a few songs from his new album and was a hit with his subscribers.

If his fans are very happy to see him in the music world, they also hope to find him on the screens. On the other hand, the handsome brunette had to cancel his appearance in Toy Boy. Due to an operation, he was unable to ensure his presence.

In an interview with the Polish media, Dziendobry, he also made several confidences about his passion for music but also for cinema. And the least that can be said is that he has a hard time making a choice.

Michele Morrone revealed: “It’s like asking a father which child he loves the most. I’ve always had a love for music. But it seemed to me that I would have an acting career “.


For now, Michele Morrone has decided to devote himself fully to music. He said, “A fan wrote to me that my music helped him overcome depression.” The young man can therefore be proud of himself.

On the other hand, Michele Morrone admitted that most of his fans liked him for his physique. One thing is certain, he’s had enough of this label sticking to his skin. In any case, that’s what he revealed.

The comedian explained, “People think this handsome guy has nothing to say. I want to show the world that this pretty face can play, sing, paint, run a business ”. As a reminder, he also has painting as a hobby.

Michele Morrone also confided that Massimo, his character in 365 Dni, had nothing to do with him. He revealed, “Massimo is a completely different person.”

The singer also confessed: “If I judged a woman as I am judged, it would be a lack of respect. I’m not doing this because I have a lot of respect for all women. ”

Finally, Michele Morrone concluded: “And as a man, I would also like to be treated like that”.


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