Michele Morrone teases the release of his single “Beautiful”


Michele Morrone is about to make his return to the stores! The singer will soon release his new single “Beautiful”. We tell you everything!

Michele Morrone fans are going to be in heaven! And for good reason: the handsome kid will soon unveil his new single entitled “Beautiful”.

Michele Morrone is one of the hottest actors of the moment. Indeed, the handsome kid has been a hit since his appearance in the 365 Dni movie on Netflix!

The handsome kid captured the attention of thousands of internet users in Barbara Białowąs’ erotic film. And since then, the latter is a real star on Instagram!

Michele Morrone has over 11 million fans on his page. The opportunity for him to introduce his world to his admirers!

Young daddy has more than one string to his bow! Indeed, the latter is not satisfied with the cinema to shine! He is also passionate about music and has already released several songs. Unbelievable !

The It-boy intends to use his success to work on a new album. And surprise! The artist is already on the verge of unveiling his next single “Beautiful”.

Michele Morrone announced the good news to his fans on his Instagram page. He unveiled a new teaser to promote his new song. And Internet users loved it!


Yesterday, Michele Morrone shared a nice gift to his fans for Valentine’s Day! The handsome kid shared a brand new teaser to find out more about his new single!

The artist then released a video with the first visuals of “Beautiful”. We can then discover the cover of the song exclusively!

Michele Morrone poses in front of a fire in the middle of nature. The young man makes his famous ember look and poses in a very sensual way. No doubt: the cliché may therefore make people happy!

But beware ! The 365 DNI star doesn’t stop there! The singer also takes advantage of this teaser to offer a pre-order link to his biggest fans.

They can then record the song to listen to it before everyone else on the day of its release. We love !

This announcement was like a bomb on the Internet! Indeed, Internet users can not wait to discover Michele Morrone’s new song!

However, they will have to arm themselves with patience before having fun on “Beautiful”. And for good reason: the single is scheduled for release on March 5.

Anyway, the hunk is going to make the buzz again with this new project! And his single is likely to be a huge success!

The year 2021 promises to be very busy for Michele Morrone! Indeed, the young dad will reconcile his acting career and the promotion of his future album. The latter has not finished talking about him!


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