Michele Morrone suffered a lot before his operation!

On Instagram, Michele Morrone looks back on his hospitalization and then admits to having suffered a lot before the operation.

As you may know, Michele Morrone recently visited the hospital. The very famous actor returns to his operation and warns his many fans about the importance of their health …

Very close to his audience, Michele Morrone does not hesitate to discuss and share with him, especially through social networks. And he is delighted!

Internet users thus follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention. In search of new nuggets, they do not want to miss any of its news!

It must be said that with him, they don’t really have time to be bored. The very famous Italian actor feeds his various accounts with exclusive content every day!

He reveals absolutely everything about his lively daily life and thus invites his millions of subscribers to discover his world. But that’s not all ! He also shares his joys, and his sorrows …

On Wednesday February 24, the interpreter of Massimo in the huge hit movie 365 Dni returned to his recent hospitalization. He really seems to have suffered a lot before the operation …

The handsome 30-year-old brunette is warning his many fans about the importance of their health. He advises them to preserve it as well as possible!

Michele Morrone suffered a lot before his operation!


It is therefore in his Instagram story that the very famous Italian actor Michele Morrone reflected on his recent operation. He still seems a little upset… And we understand it!

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“Thank you very much to everyone who asked about me. I am still recovering after the operation. The experience I had was not easy, ”he begins by explaining.

“Before the operation, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk,” he adds. You will understand, he suffered a lot!

According to the actor, he has not taken enough care of himself in recent years, but especially his health. It must be taken great care! The 30-year-old handsome man thus warns his subscribers.

“I got here because I neglected my condition for four years,” says the young singer who is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his first album.

“My advice is: always put your health first and your passion second. Because without health you cannot pursue your passions. I love you all, ”he concludes.

Michele Morrone seems really touched by what happened to his. But the photo model is recovering and intends to come back in force. He still has a ton of projects to do!

We let you discover his story.



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