Michele Morrone sounds irresistible for a hidden camera!


Michele Morrone has a volcanic character! While being tricked into a hidden camera, the actor becomes totally unbearable!

Big poster for Michele Morrone! While the actor and top model finds himself trapped in a hidden camera, he shows part of his temper … Obviously, he gets angry very quickly!

Because fans are more familiar with the actor of 365 DNI. Seductive, funny and sometimes very sexy, he has made his reputation in Europe since the first confinement … While he was already a model, he is now recognized as an actor.

But the actors, this time, pulled off a big performance. Because they trapped him on TV in the Italian program Le Iene, “les hyènes” in French. And Michele Morrone is totally displayed!

The actor indeed finds himself completely insane. It must also be said that the actors opposite him did not spare him. He thus tackles one of the actor’s greatest passions: painting. But how ?

By bringing his best friend onto the scene. Or in any case, on the phone … He tells her that he has sold all the paintings he likes. But in addition, for 400 euros! Michele Morrone then goes crazy like never before …


We then find the top model going into an incredible rage … He does not understand and thus repeats several times “shit” that we will not translate. No, he doesn’t really like the idea of ​​his friend …

But the strongest in this video remains Michele Morrone’s friend. Because while he destroys the pseudo salesman on the phone, the model’s sidekick remains very calm. Not a smile, not a laugh …

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Meanwhile, the Italian goes into a rage and thus shows himself in the eyes of his country. But he takes it well. He even shares it on his Instagram account so that his fans can see this great moment …

Michele Morrone therefore has a sense of humor. Not really if we sell him his favorite paintings, but he laughs about it afterwards, and even shares the jokes he gets … That’s it already!


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