Michele Morrone shows up with a huge golden hand on!


Michele Morrone, more bling-bling than ever in his last post! Indeed, the handsome kid shows himself with a gigantic golden hand …

We don’t have the same values, do we? Thus, Michele Morrone shows us his taste for luxury. The actor and singer can afford it after all. Indeed, the handsome Italian has just revealed a hand that has nothing to envy that of King Midas. This gold hand displays several carats!

Michele Morrone radiates as usual on his favorite social network: Instagram. As the Sun King, he offers us his pretty little face, and that is not to displease us, in short.

Earlier, the handsome kid who panics the Web made us dream on this Valentine’s Day. Yes, on February 14, he honored us with a playlist that puts love in the spotlight.

As we know, some and some would rather dream of spending this holiday in his company … Alas, it seems that his heart is no longer to be taken!

We can imagine that the pill is hard to swallow and we are sorry, but so is life. However, the Italian still sold us dreams, after all.

After posting his love playlist on Instagram, Michele Morrone shows us that what he touches turns to gold. The proof in pictures with his last Instagram post, where he shows us his golden hand!


Once again, the handsome Michele Morrone has captured the hearts of his fans. Almost a million of his aficionados have validated him with this gigantic golden hand.

In any case, this one has nothing to envy of Edward’s paws in the hands of money. By posing like this, doesn’t the handsome Italian actor want to prove to us that everything he touches is made of gold?

That would be a bit narcissistic, all in all, but he can afford it after all. Let’s not forget that he has a great community of over 11 million fans to his credit.

That’s no small feat for the actor revealed in 361 DNI, is it? Regardless, its plastic still seems to be the dream of fans from the early days and beyond.

For his part, Michele Morrone has just teaser his new single “Beautiful”. A sound that should brighten up the daily life of its community.

Our hot hunk has come a long way since appearing in Barbara Bialowas’ erotic film. Of course, he owes his success not only to his charisma, and his beauty!

He is also a good actor and a very good singer, who has music as his first passion. Isn’t it the price of success that is behind his golden hand?


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