Michele Morrone sang 4 of his songs in the movie 365 Dni!


Michele Morrone was hugely successful in the Netflix movie 365 Dni. The actor had the chance to do several music for the film.

Michele Morrone has been very successful since the 365 Dni movie on Netflix. The actor is also a singer and was able to do four songs for the feature film.

Michele Morrone is a talented artist and does not hide it. Several months ago, the Italian actor made his mark with the erotic film 365 Dni on Netflix. He has been a huge success and wants to be more popular than ever on Instagram.

In the film, fans follow the story of Laura, a young woman who is kidnapped while on a trip to Sicily. At the base, the latter went to the country to try to save her marriage one last time. Nevertheless, she had to face Massimo, a member of the Sicilian Mafia.

Don Massimo leaves 365 days for the young woman to fall in love with him in 365 Dni. The film starring Michele Morrone was very popular with romance fans as well as thriller lovers. Moreover, the public is asking for more and everyone hopes to see a second installment soon.

Since his stint in the film Michele has met with great success. In addition to being an actor, the latter is also a singer and offers to listen to his many songs to his fans on social networks. In addition, he seems to have participated in the soundtrack of the erotic film of Netflix.


For the moment, nobody knows if Michele Morrone will resume his role for a second part. Nonetheless, given the huge success of the feature film, Netflix may be tempted. In any case, part of the success of the film is also due to the beautiful soundtrack.

Indeed, the fans could hear very beautiful songs in 365 Dni like pop songs: Fly Project or Mabel. However, what impressed the public the most were obviously the few titles by the actor Don Massimo. Indeed, Michele was able to sing on several of his sounds.

The audience was therefore able to hear Michele Morrone on four tracks in the film. He sang the song on “Feel It” which was the promotional single with over 52 million views on the actor and singer’s Youtube channel.

Then, fans can also hear it in 365 Dni on “Hard for Me”, “Dark Room” as well as on “Watch me Burn”. Love songs that tie in well with the movie.


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