Michele Morrone is finally out of the hospital


Michele Morrone, who is finally out of the hospital, made his fans happy by sharing a sublime photo of him on Instagram!

This Thursday, February 18, Michele Morrone let his community know that he was finally out of the hospital. Back home, the 365 DNI actor ignited his social networks by posting a brand new photo. You will see, his shot is worth a look.

Big panic for Michele Morrone subscribers! A few days ago, the actor had to be hospitalized urgently after injuring himself at the gym.

Being very active on Instagram, the star was also immortalized with an infusion on the wrist. Wanting to be reassuring, the actor also wrote in the caption: “Small surgery. I’m fine “.

In good times and bad, the “Feel It” singer knows he can count on the unwavering support of his admirers. On the Internet, many have sent him adorable messages.

” Come back to us soon ! “, Could we read on these latest publications. Or again: “Health above all. Take care of yourself “.

Yesterday, Michele Morrone let his followers know that he is indeed back home. In short, good news!

According to his photos, he even seems to be in great shape. He also took selfies and shared some music from his latest album.

This Friday, February 19, the singer once again took to his social networks to give his news. And to do so, he posted this alluring photo.

Michele Morrone is finally out of the hospital and coming back sexier ever!


Facing the camera, Michele Morrone wears sublime glasses and a polo shirt that highlights his athletic build. In addition, he also poses by highlighting his sublime tattoo on his left hand.

In just a few minutes, the “Drink Me” singer garnered thousands of likes with this post. In his legend, he took the opportunity to confide in his hospitalization, which was not the easiest.

“These last three days have been so difficult and stimulating for me,” wrote Michel Morrone. But also: “But I did. In life nothing is easy, but if you don’t fight for what you want, what you want won’t fight for you. Never give up “.

In the comments thread, compliments have come from all sides. ” So true. We often forget it. Those days in the hospital must have been difficult. But you didn’t give up. ”

But also: “Always so beautiful. You are the best ! “. On a daily basis, Michel Morrone enjoys being a source of inspiration for his fans.

On Instagram, he loves to share all his upcoming projects with them. When the mood takes him, he also launches lives to interact live with his followers. We love !


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