Michele Morrone invites you to pre-order the track Beautiful


Michele Morrone has promoted his new single “Beautiful” on TikTok! And surprise! His title is already available for pre-order!

Michele Morrone fans will be delighted! And for good reason: the actor is about to release a new single called “Beautiful”! He has just unveiled an excerpt to invite his fans to pre-order the track! We tell you everything!

Michele Morrone is one of the hottest actors of the moment! Indeed, the handsome kid has enjoyed immense success since his appearance in the movie 365 Dni on Netflix.

The young man plays the role of Massimo, a member of the Sicilian mafia ready to do anything to have the woman of his dreams.

Despite the many controversies over Barbara Białowąs’ film, Michele Morrone has nevertheless conquered the hearts of Internet users! Indeed, his acting skills and his physique left no one indifferent!

The beautiful brown has therefore become very popular on the Web! He now has a huge community of fans on social media!

Michele Moronne then took advantage of his notoriety to highlight his other artistic projects. And the least we can say is that the young man is more than a string to his bow!

The 365 Dni star doesn’t stop at his acting career to create a buzz. The It boy is also a big fan of music. He is getting ready to release a new song very soon! Something to please his fans!

Michele Morrone invites his fans to pre-order his track “Beautiful”!


It’s been several months now that Michele Morrone has been working in secret on his future album. And surprise! The artist will soon unveil the first single from his opus!

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The 365 Dni star is set to release her single “Beautiful” on March 3rd. And be careful! The handsome brunette is ready to do anything to promote his title!

Michele Morrone multiplies publications on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok … the actor keeps raising the suspense before revealing “Beautiful”!

Today, the singer has hit hard! He shared a small sample of his music on his TikTok account.

The It boy then announced great news to his fans! It is now possible to pre-order the single to listen to it before everyone else on the day of its release. We love !

Michele Morrone proudly announces: “Friends! You heard my new single Beautiful! It comes out on March 5th, but you can now pre-order it! it’s gonna be fire! “.

This announcement was like a bomb on the Internet! Fans immediately hooked up with the excerpt from Beautiful. And they didn’t hesitate for a second before pre-ordering the song to support their idol.

No doubt: Michele Morrone is therefore likely to have a great success with his new music!


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