Michele Morrone hospitalized in emergency “I’m fine”!


The actor and singer Michele Morrone published a Story on his Instagram account where we understand that he had to be hospitalized urgently.

As he chained the projects, Michele Morrone had to be hospitalized urgently. However, the latter wanted to reassure his fans.

Michele Morrone had planned to send heavy for the year 2021. But that may well be delayed. Indeed, the young man has just entered the hospital urgently.

The latter has just published an Instagram Story in which we see him lying in a bed, infused at the wrist.

In legend, Michele Morone writes: “minor surgery… I’m fine”. Although he does not give more details, this info does give some reassurance to his many subscribers. We hope it will be released soon, in order to continue with its plans.

Because if Michele Morrone has managed to make himself known as an actor especially thanks to his role in 365 Dni, it is the song that makes him vibrate. He has announced a concert for March. Either in a few weeks!

After this announcement, his community did not hesitate to congratulate him. They seem very happy for him. “So excited! I look forward. “,” Really proud of you. I can not wait ! I will be there. ”,“ We ​​can’t wait to discover your passion on our screens, ”they exclaimed on the profile of the handsome brunette.

This follows the release of her very first album, “Dark Room”, in the past year. In a pop rock genre, Michele Morrone has had real success with his album. In the film in which he is the main actor, the latter also sang four of his songs. Congratulations to him !


But that’s not all ! The handsome kid is also about to release his new single called “Beautiful”. The latter has already unveiled the cover.

Thus, Michele Morrone poses in front of a fire in the middle of nature. The young man makes his famous ember look and poses in a very sensual way. There is no doubt that the cliché may well make people happy!

But beware ! The star also took advantage of this teaser to offer a pre-order link to his biggest fans. They can then record the song so that they can listen to it before everyone else on the day of its release.

A real pride for the musician who sees his dreams come true after a dark period. As a reminder, Michele Morrone fell into a serious depression after his divorce. In 2018, he even put his acting career on hiatus. To change his mind, he found a job as a gardener in an Italian village.

A few months later, the handsome dark brunette finally managed to bounce back. Thus, he returned to the front of the stage. Now he seems to be enjoying life to the fullest. And we wish him that this will continue for a long time!