Michele Morrone: His fans can’t wait to discover his concert


In Story of his Instagram account, Michele Morrone shared several messages from his fans who are eager to attend his giant concert!

A few days ago, Michele Morrone announced great news to his fans. He revealed that on March 11, he is going to do a huge virtual concert. And the least that can be said is that this news has delighted many.

This Saturday, February 13, Michele Morrone asked his fans a question in Story from his Instagram account. He asked, “Are you looking forward to watching and seeing me perform live on March 11?” “.

Michele Morrone’s fans then replied, “Yes, I love you Michele, you are fantastic”. Another also added: “I’m excited to see you because I know it makes you happy.”

The actor then revealed: “Yes, music is my happy place”. But that’s not all. He has told his fans more about his live concert.

He revealed, “I’m really excited. My last performance was 1 year ago but this concert is going to set fire. To be honest I can’t wait to perform in front of an audience once again. ”

Michele Morrone also added: “But we must remain cautious about the Covid. You can see me live on March 11 in concert at your place. And anywhere in the world. It’s a virtual concert “.


Michele Morrone revealed, “My goal is really to make my fans happy. I am very happy that we are connected. And that we can enjoy the music while staying safe ”.

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Michele Morrone also explained: “In this concert, I will sing a song from my new album. The music is on fire! “. Finally, he left a lovely message for his fans. These are very important to him.

The 365 Dni actor concluded, “I appreciate you my fans. You have become my family. I know you come from different countries all over the world ”. One thing is certain, his subscribers can’t wait to find out in concert.

But that’s not all. Several of his fans around the world have asked him to come to their home. The musician then promised that once the health crisis was over, Michele Morrone would tour the world.

On his Instagram account, the young man wrote: “I can’t wait to bring my passion to all your screens. See you soon “. We will therefore have to wait until March 11 to discover the handsome brunette on stage.

Despite the health crisis, Michele Morrone has found a way to bring together his passion: music, with his fans. His live concert promises heavy and big surprises for his fans. Case to follow!


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