Michele Morrone has a passion that fans don’t know!


Michele Morrone knows how to act, sing, pose, parade, but also paint canvases! The Italian star reveals his hidden passion.

Very active on Instagram, Michele Morrone has just revealed his hidden passion. The very famous Italian actor loves painting and thus reveals one of his latest creations!

Notably famous for his role in the movie 365 Dni, Michele Morrone then emerges as one of the most popular Italian stars of the moment.

It must be said that the very famous Italian actor has a lot of talent. He thus connects the shootings, but above all, the very big successes! Nothing seems to be able to stop him.

Thus, his many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know. They support him en masse in each of his projects!

But that’s not all … They also follow him by the millions on social media. On Instagram, the 30-year-old handsome brunette has nearly 12 million subscribers. Yes, you did hear it.

It must be said that Michele Morrone spends a good part of his time there. With it, internet users never really have time to be bored.

Between behind the scenes of the films, unpublished extracts of his songs, photos of his shootings and unpublished announcements, there is plenty to do.

And to the delight of his millions of fans, the actor has just revealed his new passion on the platform.

Michele Morrone has a passion that fans don’t know!


As you probably know, Michele Morrone does not only do in the cinema. The very famous Italian actor also makes music!

On February 14, he launched his very first project called Dark Room. And the audience welcomed him quite well. He will also be holding a live concert on March 11. We love !

But that’s not all ! The handsome 30-year-old brunette is also a very famous photo model, and a renowned model. You have to believe that he can do everything in front of the objectives.

On Wednesday February 24, he then unveiled another of his passions. And this one, he had never told his fans before. This is the first time he’s brought up the subject!

You will no doubt have understood it, so it is about painting. On Instagram, Michele Morrone appears alongside one of his latest stunning paintings.

And for once, it is really not bad! Internet users seem to appreciate the work of art produced by their idol. They still can’t believe it!

So that’s one more card for the talented Italian artist! His latest post already has over 650,000 likes! No, you’re not dreaming.

We let you take a look and make your own opinion on his painting. How will he surprise us next time?


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