Michele Morrone declares love for her mother!


On Instagram, actor Michele Morrone made a beautiful declaration of love to his mother in videos. Michele Morrone is very close to his mother. The star of the hit 365 DNI movie revealed a video of his mom, and he made a nice declaration of love to her.

The 28-year-old Italian actor is very sentimental, and he proves it time and time again. Her Instagram Stories are constantly dedicated to her kids and her mom.

A few hours ago, the handsome kid released several videos of the love of his life, his mom. On a first video, he wrote this: “What a woman, wow”.

Michele Morrone, who lives in Italy, is very close to his family. He therefore does not hesitate to present her to his community, which follows its every move so closely.

And that’s not all. In other footage, he films his mom chewing gum. The young man has always been very close to his mother, and it shows.

Very active on Instagram, where he collects 11.8 million subscribers, the latter does not hesitate to reveal simple moments in his life. And his fans are still there.

When he is not filming his two children, whom he considers his “gifts”, it is his mother that he honors. Michele Morrone discovered on Netflix filmed his mother while CJ’s song Whoopty was playing on the radio.


Very regularly, the actor of 365 DNI therefore posts photos and videos of his two sons. A few days ago he was posting a video of a cuddly moment with one of them.

“That’s all I need right now,” the actor captioned the video. One thing is for sure, the actor takes his role as a father very seriously.

A few weeks ago, Michele Morrone once again shared his weekend with his two children. Between two hugs, the actor took the opportunity to sing along.

Fan of music, the handsome kid who released his album Dark Room this summer, decided to perform a few songs that appear on his album.

As a reminder, Michele Morrone therefore divorced his wife in 2017, shortly before welcoming their second child. A separation experienced very difficult for the young man.

He confided to the press a few years later that his break with his ex-wife was very brutal. So she plunged him into a deep depression that lasted a few years.

Now healed, the actor is reborn from his ashes. His role in the erotic film 365 DNI, broadcast on Netflix, brought the actor to international fame.

In addition to her acting career, Michele Morrone is therefore also a model and singer. A fan of France, the latter revealed to Chérie FM that he would love to collaborate with singer Gims, just that.


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