Michel Temer is the new lobbyist of Huawei’s 5G auction


Huawei has just hired a strong lobbyist not to be excluded from the 5G technology auction in Brazil: according to columnist Lauro Jardim of the newspaper O Globo, the new “poster boy” of the Chinese giant is the former president of the republic Michel Temer , who has been building a great relationship with current President Jair Bolsonaro.

This proximity between the two representatives of the nation, the current and the former, can be useful when it is known that it will be up to President Bolsonaro to decide whether Huawei’s technology will be part of the 5G auction in Brazil, which includes European companies Ericsson and Nokia. Still without any official positioning, the decision should take place this year.

In an interview with the agency Sputnik Brasil, Vice President Hamilton Mourão made it clear that any company that proves respect for national sovereignty and data privacy can participate in the auction. According to the publication, Donald Trump’s departure from the U.S. presidency made the ban on the Chinese unlikely.

This is also the opinion of the newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, which is betting that the Brazilian government will not block Huawei from the auction. According to sources cited in the story, a possible ban on the Chinese company would cause a billion dollar cost to replace the telephone equipment currently in use.


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