Michael Schumacher: Netflix to Release Documentary About F1 Driver


Michael Schumacher: Netflix announced this Friday (30) the release of Schumacher, a documentary about the life and career of Michael Schumacher. Seven times champion of Formula 1, he is one of the greatest drivers and holder of several world records. The production will bring together interviews with prominent F1 family members and professionals, such as other drivers, commentators and executives.

In addition, the documentary will also reveal unpublished material about the pilot. Among the interviewees who have already been confirmed in the production, names such as Sebastian Vettel, Damon Hill, David Coulthard, Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore and Jean Todt stand out.

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Netflix’s production will be released on September 15, the 30th anniversary of the pilot’s debut in F1. On that same day, in 1991, the professional ran for the Jordan-Ford team. Therefore, the date was chosen to celebrate the occasion.

As the streaming platform acquired the rights for the film to be released globally, the release date in Brazil is the same. Directed by Hanns-Bruno Kammertön, Vanessa Nöcker and Michael Weck, the production follows the model of the trio on tennis player Boris Becker.

Schumacher will also follow some details of the F1 driver’s personal life, providing a more intimate look at his life. He is currently married to his wife, Corinna, and has two children: Gina and Mick, the boy also becoming a driver and racing in the current F1 season.

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