Michael Keaton Claims He Has Never Seen the “Full Version” of a Marvel or DC Movie: “I have other things to do!”


He may be Batman, but that doesn’t mean Michael Keaton actually… saw a DC (or Marvel!) movie.

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“I know that people don’t believe that I’ve never seen the full version of any of these films— no Marvel movie, or any other,” the 70—year-old “Beetlejuice” star said in an interview with Variety published on Monday, August 1. Clarifying his opinion, Keaton added: “And I’m not saying I’m not watching this because I’m an intellectual — believe me! That’s not it. I just don’t watch much. I start watching something and I think it’s great, and I watch three episodes, but I have other things to do!”

The Oscar nominee played Bruce Wayne —and the Caped Crusader himself — in the 1989 film Batman, and later reprised the role of the main character in the 1992 film Batman Returns, both directed by Tim Burton.

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Although Keaton may not have the patience to watch superhero movies as a spectator, he is certainly happy to make another movie. Three decades after he ditched the batsuit, actor Birdman will once again defend Gotham City in the upcoming movie “The Flash,” due out June 23, 2023, and in the HBO series “Batgirl,” due out later this year.

“I was curious what would happen in so many years,” Keaton told Variety about his decision to return as Batman. “Not that I was doing it—obviously some of it-but I was just curious, oddly enough, socially.”

The Spotlight star expressed his admiration for the vast expanses of the DC and Marvel universes, looking at the worlds through an almost sociological lens.

“It’s all gigantic. They have a completely different world,” he said. “So, I like to look at it from the outside, thinking: “My God!”

This isn’t the first time Keaton has expressed a new awe and admiration for the superhero universes, especially when it comes to his role as Batman. In an August 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Golden Globe winner commented on “how much more” he understood the Batman character “when I came back and made him [for the Flash movie].”

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“Now I understand it on a completely different level. I totally respect that. I respect what people are trying to do,” Keaton said. “I’ve never looked at it like, ‘Oh, this is just stupid.’ It wasn’t stupid when I was doing Batman. But culturally, it’s become a giant thing.”

He continued: “This is a big deal for people. You have to honor it and respect it. Even I say, “God, this is huge.”


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