Michael Keaton: Batman Actor Doesn’t Understand Superhero Success


Michael Keaton, known for bringing the main character to life in Batman Returns, admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t understand how superhero movies are so successful.

With the upcoming release of DC’s new film, focused specifically on Flash, Keaton’s role resurfaced in the media and talk of him was surprising. It’s worth remembering that he will appear again as the bat man in the film nearly 30 years after the release of Batman Returns, at age 69.

bat men meeting

The Flash movie will be based on the multiverse, that is, several parallel realities that will be traversed by Barry Allen with the force of acceleration. So we’ll be able to see not only Michael Keaton’s Batman, who debuted three decades ago, but also the character played by Ben Affleck, more recent.

For those who already know the animation Ponto de Ignição, or the series The Flash itself, it’s easy to understand how the concept of the multiverse works, although for Keaton, as he mentioned in the interview, it was necessary to explain it multiple times until let the idea really get clear in her mind.

In addition, despite having mentioned not understanding the success of superhero films very well, the actor was keen to reinforce how the image of the bat man is iconic and makes more sense in his mind today, different from how he saw it before. 30 years. It’s an even bigger responsibility.

Looking forward to seeing you on the scene again? The Flash is slated to open in November 2022.


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