Michael J. Fox Reveals The Idea of Restarting “Back to the Future”


Hollywood is still going through a period of revival or reboot of a number of cult films and TV programs. The mentioned works have been met with different results, and this is one of the reasons why some would probably prefer certain IP addresses to be left alone. The “Back to the Future” franchise definitely falls into this pile, as fans (and some of the creators of the series) are very protective of it. However, this does not mean that no one has thought about what such a project might entail. In fact, the host of the series is Michael J. Fox reported that he has an idea for a potential reboot.

It is likely that Michael J. Fox would like any potential remake of “Back to the Future” to preserve the essence of the blockbuster trilogy of the 80s — early 90s. Nevertheless, it seems that he definitely would not want such a production to set foot on the same territory. Following his viral appearance at New York Comic Con (where he reunited with co-star Christopher Lloyd), Fox discussed the legacy of the franchise during an interview with ET. It was during this discussion that he talked about his proposal for a reboot, which theoretically would make major changes to the main character of the time travel story:

What Michael J Fox wants in a Back to the Future remake - Trending News

In fact, I had the idea that if they were going to make a movie again, they should do it with a girl in the role of Marty. There is something in this that connects people at all levels. I just feel like it’s coming back again.

To be honest, I would be against this particular idea, as it would be a reliable way to refresh the story a bit. I mean, why not introduce a new character named Martina, nicknamed “Marty”? Of course, then you have a serious task to find a performer who can create the charm (and sometimes manic energy) that OG actor Marty McFly so easily radiated. Although this would be a large-scale task, it certainly would not be impossible.

While some fans have expressed doubts about a reboot or a sequel, others have long hoped that the Robert Zemeckis classic movie franchise would get some kind of sequel. However, the chances of that happening now seem slim. In 2016, producer Frank Marshall rejected the idea of a reboot, saying that this would not happen as long as he had the right to vote. In 2020, Christopher Lloyd talked about a potential fourth film and humorously reflected that it probably wouldn’t be. Lloyd, however, insisted that “Back to the Future 4” have a story related to a contemporary social theme such as climate change.

The only downside to any legitimate sequel would be that Michael J. Fox probably won’t be starring. Over the past few years, Fox has struggled with Parkinson’s disease and has been outspoken about his struggles. A cameo of sorts may still be a viable option if such a project really gets off the ground.

Again, this is all hypothetical, but not impossible. As Michael J. said. Fox in his interview, the story of time travel simply “connects people at all levels.” So maybe it could “come back again” with a lady at the head.

Movies “Back to the Future” can be watched on a Peacock subscription. Those who hope to see sequels and/or reboots that will really come out on the big screen soon can check out the schedule of upcoming CinemaBlend films.


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