Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Are Connected Differently During “Back to the Future III”


Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will forever be intertwined in the collective imagination of pop culture fans. The professional danger that accompanies Hollywood celebrities, especially the two who starred in one of the best trilogies of all time, “Back to the Future.” Not all film partners get along on set or make lifelong friendships, but Fox and Lloyd have bonded for decades since they starred in the franchise’s beloved triquel. Actor Marty McFly says their affection for each other became apparent when the two actors connected in different ways during “Back to the Future 3” (which has many merits as a sequel).

Michael J. Fox spoke about this connection during a Variety Studio discussion presented by Audible at Sundance. The actor said that his friendship with Lloyd did not crystallize until the third film, and that it took him some time to get to know his partner in the film. The “Horror Story” star said that actor Doc Brown is sometimes difficult to interpret, although they eventually found a way to get closer on the set of the third chapter of the series, directed by Robert Zemeckis. He told the merchant:

Chris is a great guy. He’s very mysterious. It took me a few movies to get to know him. In “Back to the Future, Part 3” we connected in a way that was not in other films. I came to see how much he likes to play. I’ve never gotten this before. Sit down and talk about acting, Shakespeare and King Lear… This guy can play King Lear! People don’t expect that from him. It’s full of surprises.

The Admiration of Michael J. Fox’s talent of his friend is tangible and accurate, and it is interesting to hear that they shared a common love for Shakespeare. Most children of the 80s and 90s will recognize Christopher Lloyd for his best films in his numerous films, such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, “The Addams Family” and “The Master of Pages”. However, during his 50-year career, the actor played several memorable roles in dramatic works. Who can forget Lloyd’s performance as the belligerent Max Taber in the 1975 film Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

The family bond icon says his acting buddy is incredibly experienced when it comes to determining the value of a film’s story. Continuing to talk about his good friend, he explained how this ability is rare among performers in the entertainment industry:

He can tell a story worthy of a movie in two seconds, and you know it. We, ordinary actors, have to spend hours and hours to get information. Chris is great at this. His love of cinema and love of acting… He’s not just crazy, he’s an artist.

Over the years, Michael J. Fox openly talked about how Lloyd was by his side during his Parkinson’s disease. An illness like this can be overwhelming for anyone, and Fox spoke candidly about the dark moments he faced because of his illness. It’s nice to hear that these two can stay in touch and support each other, so many years after their time on set is over.

While Michael J. Fox, apparently, has left the game, the performer continues to spread information about Parkinson’s through film production. The star’s new film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” in 2023 is a documentary called “Still”, which caused a storm of applause after the world premiere at the Sundance Festival. The documentary tells about the legendary rise of the career of the icon of the 80s and his subsequent diagnosis of the aforementioned disease.

Fox said that while the film would highlight his struggle with his illness, he didn’t want to make a film about Parkinson’s disease. Instead, he wanted to emphasize his “wild life”, which includes many ups and downs. One can imagine that the story of how the actor was invited late to the production of “Back to the Future” instead of Eric Stolz (who had a great influence on the production) will be touched upon. Now it must be borne in mind that if this decision, made at a late stage of production, had not been made, there would never have been a delightful friendship between Fox and Lloyd.

The premiere of “Still” is scheduled for the end of this year, and it can be broadcast by anyone who has an Apple+ subscription.


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