Michael C. Hall captivated this actor he loved.


During his time in Dexter, Michael C. Hall fell under the spell of an actress he loved to shoot with. Quickly find out who it is!

Contrary to rumors, Michael C. Hall was not at all embarrassed to star with Jennifer Carpenter in Dexter after their divorce. The two former lovebirds have remained good friends despite their separation. A maturity which made it possible not to taint the image of the series since the fans saw nothing but fire on the screen. At the time, the actor also loved to give the answer to Julie Benz who played the character of Rita, his fictional wife. In 2013, the interpreter of the famous serial-killer was also full of praise when mentioning his playing partner, during an interview for DOLCE Magazine.

During this interview, Michael C. Hall, who was once diagnosed with cancer on the set of Dexter, spoke fondly about his professional relationship with Julie Benz, before she left the series in 2009: “C ‘ was so easy to be won over by Julie’s inherent sweetness. We had found that kind of rhythm, chemistry and dynamics between our two characters and it was really sad having to say goodbye to that. Making scenes with Julie , it was like coming home in a way. ” Tender secrets that will certainly have touched the main interested party.


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