Michael B. Jordan Talks About Living First Black Superman in Cinema


Michael B. Jordan discussed a possible role as a black Superman. There has been speculation around the actor taking on the role in theaters. However, things have changed now that Warner Bros. is actually developing a film in which the hero will, in fact, be black.

The actor said, in an interview with ComicBook, that although he does not know what is happening in this project, representation is an important focus in the industry now, and that there are several ways to achieve this goal.

He said, “I don’t know what’s really going on with [Black Superman] in particular. But my desire and everyone’s desire to see black protagonists in heroic roles is really important. Representation is important. There are so many opportunities. with different characters who have never seen the light of day. And there are some who should continue as they are. So, let’s see how things are going to happen. ”

Over the past decade, fan demands for the most diverse characters and cast for these blockbuster films have clashed with the traditionalist mindset that characters should not be changed in their comic book roots.

Some characters are better accepted for new interpretations. For example, having Commissioner Gordon or Black Canary played by black actors – Jeffrey Wright in The Batman and Jurnee Smollett-Bell in Birds of Prey – didn’t seem to bother fans much, and was even embraced by most, due to the quality of the actors .

However, other characters like Batman or Superman proved to be much more problematic. Likewise, when comics highlight characters with more diverse backgrounds, such as multiple black supermen, or more recently a black Batman and Captain America LGBTQ +, there is still a lot of negative public reaction.

At the moment, Warner Bros. is developing the black Superman project, although it is unclear who will play the role yet.


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