Michael B. Jordan Talks about Bonding with Jonathan Major on the Set of Creed III


Michael B. Jordan praises his colleague in the film Creed III Jonathan Majors.

Jonathan Majors seems to be on a very clear path to a new level of fame. After being noticed in films such as The Last Black Man in San Francisco and on television in Lovecraft Land, he is going to become an important part of the Marvel cinematic universe as Kang, and he also got a big role as the antagonist of the next Creed. movie. Michael B. Jordan recently wrote about the majors, and it seems that they have become quite close.

Jonathan Majors was included by Time magazine in the Time 100 Next list, which includes rising stars in various industries. The entry for Majors was actually written by his Creed III co-star and director Michael B. Jordan, who says the two of them created a “brotherhood” during the filming of the film. Jordan says…

Based on what we’ve heard about the production of Creed III, it’s not surprising to hear that the two really got close while making the film. It seems like they absolutely beat each other up. While the boxing scenes are being rehearsed and staged, at some point it becomes impossible to make a boxing movie and not get a few blows to the head.

In the movie, Majors and Jordan’s characters are on opposite sides, but when making the movie, the two of them are very involved in it, and you probably won’t get too far if the person you’re shooting with doesn’t have your back. Probably, after shooting a movie like Creed III, you either fell in love with your partner in the movie, or you never want to talk to him again.

Later in the article , Michael B. Jordan talks about the actor’s special skills and refers to the fact that Jonathan Major’s stock is growing exponentially. He says Majors handled it all pretty well. Jordan continues…

Jonathan Majors should probably be ready for a whirlwind. “Creed III” is due to be released in theaters just a couple of weeks after “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania,” where Majors is expected to play the important role of Kang. If there are movie lovers who don’t know the name Jonathan Majors yet, they will know it in early 2023.


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