Michael B. Jordan stars and director of Creed 3


The lead star of the Creed series, Michael B. Jordan, will appear as both the lead and director in the third film of the series. In this way, the star player will follow in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone, the star of the Rocky series.

Creed, which is the sequel of Rocky, one of the most memorable movie series of the time, managed to get full points from the audience with its first two films. For now, we have almost no information about the sequel Creed III. But now at least we know who will be the director.

“I promised Michael B. Jordan the chance to direct Creed III,” said Irwin Winkler, producer of the Rocky and Creed series, in his October 2020 book, A Life in Movies: Stories From 50 Years in Hollywood. Using his expressions, he gave a clue as to who will sit in the director’s chair in the new movie, and now we learned that this promise was kept.

Creed III will be the first movie directed by Michael B. Jordan

One of the stars of the Creed series, Tessa Thompson, who recently gave a video interview for her new movie Sylvie’s Love, answered the question about whether Michael B. Jordan will direct Creed III, and confirmed that 33-year-old Jordan will have his first directing experience with Creed III. happened.

Michael B. Jordan, who portrays Adonis Creed in the series, continues a tradition in the series by sitting on the director’s chair, and we can say that he follows in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone, who portrays Rocky Balboa. Because Stallone was in the director’s chair in Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV and Rocky Balboa films.

As we said above, there is almost no information about Creed III. However, some rumors are that the subject of the film is that Adonis Creed will play a solid match with the son of Rocky’s former rival Clubber Lang. Considering that Creed II already had a “fight” with the son of Rocky’s old rival Ivan Drago, it may not be very welcome that the series turns into a story in which Creed is in the ring with the sons of Rocky’s former rivals.


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