Michael B. Jordan Shared a Short Shot of The Team “Locked Up” on The Set of Creed III


Creed III will be with us before you know it, and it will be an important professional milestone for franchise star Michael B. Jordan. This film was the directorial debut of a celebrity, and he and his colleagues put a lot of effort into creating the long-awaited triquel. At the moment, there were a fair number of behind-the-scenes photos and videos allowing fans to admire how Jordan directs. Recently, the star posted another picture taken during filming (which was completed last year), and it shows that he and the crew look “locked” on the set.

A movie set is a place where a lot of work needs to be done, and this is especially true when you’re working on a blockbuster franchise like Creed. So no one should be shocked that the actors and crew will think seriously while doing business. However, I would say that Michael B. Jordan and his colleagues doubled down on this approach based on a photo the actor shared on his Instagram stories. Let’s take a look:

Although I’ve never actually worked on any of the Rocky films or their spin-offs, I’m willing to bet that such a laser focus is necessary when approaching work. This is probably doubly true for filming confusing and lengthy battle scenes. You need dedication, and that’s what I see in the eyes of the people in this photo. The post also states that the aspiring director is grateful to the team he worked with.

Michael B. Jordan showed no signs of nervousness about the leadership of Creed III, as he exuded confidence only when discussing work. This may be because he had a firm foot when he was preparing to sit in the director’s chair. Jordan received advice from other actor-directors such as Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington, who was honored by actor Adonis Creed. When Jordan approached them for advice, they said, “Find your rhythm and your pace with your first commercial and the cast.” This statement, along with additional grains of wisdom, worked in Jordan’s favor and allowed him to get a truly “liberating” experience on the set.

Obviously, he followed their advice, as the first trailer for Creed III was simply exciting. The events of the film unfold several years after the events of its predecessor and catch up with Adonis at the moment when he achieved great success. His comfortable life with his wife Bianca Taylor and their child Amara is threatened when old friend Damian Anderson returns to make himself known. In addition to the intriguing narrative, the audience seems to have several spectacular fights ahead. Personally, I can’t wait to see the equally massive Jordan and Jonathan Majors (who plays Damian).

The expectation for this film is growing, and it will be difficult to wait for it for the last two months. Expectations are high, but there are definitely reasons to be confident in the final product. This is a passionate project of Michael B. Jordan, and he seems to have dotted all the I’s and, so to speak, crossed out all the letters. Besides, with such a “locked up” team that is working on the film, I am ready to give them the presumption of innocence.

Creed III opens in theaters on March 3 as part of the new films release schedule for 2023, and while you’re waiting for it to appear, stream the first two films using a Hulu subscription.


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