Michael B. Jordan made his first public appearance after Lori Harvey’s breakup in the NBA Finals


Get away from thoughts? Michael B. Jordan was spotted in the second game of the 2022 NBA Finals shortly after his breakup with Laurie Harvey hit the headlines.

Timeline of Michael B. Jordan and Laurie Harvey’s relationship

The 35-year-old actor sat next to rapper Corde in San Francisco, California, on Sunday, June 5. Chase Center tweeted a video of Jordan briefly smiling at the camera before switching back to the game.

The appearance of the Friday Night Lights alumni came after a source confirmed to Us Weekly on the same day that 25-year-old Harvey and Jordan announced their separation after more than one year of living together. Since then, the model has removed all traces of her ex from her Instagram page.

The former couple started dating in 2020, and in January 2021 officially announced their relationship on Instagram.

Before their breakup, Harvey spoke about the couple’s decision to show the public their romance. “I think we are both very closed people by nature. So we’re just deciding if we take a picture or something, do you want to post it? Isn’t that right?” she told Bustle in June 2021. “We know that there are people who love and support us and want to see us. So [we want to] give enough, but keep most of it just for ourselves. We are trying to find a balance.”

At the time, the Tennessee native praised her strong bond with the “Black Panther” star. “I think as I got older and interests changed, I think it was that I just decided to be a little more public because it’s a more serious relationship,” she added. “So I just handle it differently.”

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Harvey also said that her family was impressed by the first meeting with Jordan. “I knew they would love him, which they did. [The introduction] was good. It was easy,” she added.

Laurie’s father, Steve Harvey, previously shared his thoughts on the pros and cons of dating his daughter’s then boyfriend. “I like this one,” the 65—year-old TV host said on an episode of Steve Harvey’s Morning Show in January 2021. “I still have my eye on him. I mean, I like him, but as I tell them all: “Maybe I like you, I can approve of you, but a thumb-sized part of my heart is filled with nothing but pure hatred for your ass.” Just in case.”

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After their breakup hit the headlines, Steve talked about how major life changes affected Laurie.

“He’s still a cool guy… as far as I know. This is a gap. I’m sure they’ll be fine. People break up all the time. I’d just like to break up without the cost factor!” the host, who has been married three times, said on Steve Harvey’s morning Show on Monday, June 6. “I have to start learning from my children, leave early! I waited too late.”

The Family Feud host, who adopted Lori when he married Marjorie Harvey in 2007, added: “Listen, while everyone can leave in peace, be friends. I haven’t heard anyone say that they didn’t break windows or anything like that. As long as you don’t touch my daughter, I don’t care what you do.”