Michael B. Jordan just picked up a note from his ex Laurie Harvey when it comes to social media protocols after a breakup


The breakup of Michael B. Jordan and Laurie Harvey still made a fuss a few weeks after it became known. While Jordan seemed concerned about their disbandment during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Harvey wasted no time removing the “Black Panther” actor from her social media. On the other hand, the model’s footprints were still all over his social media after the breakup became public. Now it seems that the “No Remorse” star took a note from his ex when it comes to social media protocol after a breakup.

According to a Page Six post, the Creed actor has finally cleared his Instagram of any traces of the entrepreneur. This event happened just two weeks after his ex-girlfriend erased photos of the best times in the former couple’s relationship. If you look at his Instagram feed, Jordan has nothing but images of himself or other stars, including magazine covers. His page is similar to Harvey’s page with her feed dedicated to photos that depict only herself. Of course, compared to his ex, there are fewer images on the Chronicle star’s page, since he rarely posts on the platform.

It seems it took Jordan a while to get over the heartbreak before completely removing his former love from his life. It was reported that the Hollywood star was having a hard time because the former couple allegedly broke up a year later due to the fact that their lives were at different stages. Sources claimed that Jordan wanted to calm down, and Harvey wanted to keep having fun. Of course, these divergent goals made sense, since the former couple had a ten-year age difference: the actor was 35 years old, and his former love was 25.

As with any public breakup, some of them are Team MBJ and others are Team Lori. As expected, Harvey’s mother Marjorie Harvey is on her daughter’s side. She left a cryptic message after the news broke. She referred to the fact that their relationship was not as perfect as in the picture, as Jordan and Harvey’s celebration of love on social networks could give. Her response came a few days after her husband Steve Harvey first spoke about the dissolution. Compared to his wife, the Family Feud host mentioned that the split was peaceful as the couple left “in peace.”

But viewers shouldn’t feel too bad about the actor, as he has several projects in film and television, including “I am Legend 2” with Oscar winner Will Smith. He is currently filming his directorial debut Creed III with photos and celebrity run-ins taking place on set in Venice, California. But Jordan isn’t the only one who’s busy, as Harvey creates her skincare line looking like a Disney princess on red carpets.

In the meantime, you can watch several Michael B. Jordan movies streaming on platforms like HBO Max and Amazon Prime. If there are any changes in Jordan and Harvey’s relationship, you can contact CinemaBlend for additional updates.