Michael B. Jordan become Alexa in Super Bowl commercial


Amazon launched a new Super Bowl commercial to publicize Alexa, its personal assistant, and the fourth generation Echo Dot. The advertising piece stars the Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan, who worked on the films Creed and Black Panther.

The advertisement shows a consumer who is about to buy Alexa imagining a body for the virtual assistant. After seeing an advertisement with the face of Michael B. Jordan, the client visualizes what it would be like to have the actor acting as if it were Amazon’s artificial intelligence.

Although it is already available on the internet, the ad will run during the Super Bowl on Sunday night (7). In addition to Amazon, other large companies will take advantage of the audience to publicize their products. Last year, electric cars gained prominence during the game break.

The Super Bowl has an estimated audience of 100 million viewers globally, which makes advertising spaces well coveted by large companies. According to last year’s estimates, a 30-second interval can cost about $ 5.6 million

Amazon also asks fans of the brand to vote for the ad in the Ad Meter competition. The contest is organized by USA Today and rewards the advertisements that most impacted the United States sports season.

The fourth generation Echo Dot, which appears in the Amazon commercial, is now available in Brazil with a price of R $ 399.


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