Mia Khalifa’s photos aroused suspicion among her followers


Mia Khalifa’s photos aroused suspicion among her followers. The former porn actress aroused suspicion among her followers by posting some sensual photographs showing off her attributes.

Did Mia Khalifa re-operate her breasts? That the fans of the former porn actress asked when they saw the sensual images she shared on Instagram, where she looks much more prominent breasts.

In one of the images, Khalifa is seen wearing a micro dress that despite covering her attributes raised many doubts about possible cosmetic surgeries.


The now businesswoman has been surprising her followers by showing them photographs that they can find in her Mia Khalifa 2020 calendar. She recently shared the result of her visual project on her Instagram account.

Was it operated?

A few months ago the former porn actress shared with her followers that she had undergone an operation to reduce the size of her breasts. But apparently the reduction was not as marked as expected and on the contrary they look more prominent.

After four years in the adult film industry, the Lebanese continues to generate controversy by delighting its followers with provocative images. In less than a month, Khalifa managed to increase her followers on Instagram which were in October 17 million 800 thousand followers and by November days they became 18 million, in just 21 days.

“If anyone asks (nobody), I will live in the white dresses of Markarian NYC until the day I walk down the hall,” description of the publication indicating that he loves that color.


Although she left the porn industry for a long time, Mia is still one of the most sought-after actresses on Google, she has a second place after Amber Ames who was recently found lifeless, maybe that’s why she is a little more wanted than Mia Khalifa.

Regarding her new business in which she will continue to generate sighs from both young people and adults, Mia said that everything will be ready within a month.

Her latest post:


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