Mia Khalifa: Why did you leave the adult film industry?


Mia Khalifa left the adult film industry a couple of years ago, but what was the real reason for her retirement?

27-year-old model Mia Khalifa left the adult film industry a couple of years ago. Since then, much has been said about her retirement. Why did she do it? Here we tell you the real reasons for her departure and the chances that she will make adult films again.

In a radio interview with former cyclist Lance Armstrong in February 2018, now-influencer Mía Khalifa revealed the reasons for her departure from adult cinema. The Lebanese woman described that period of her life as the “biggest mistake.”

Upon acquiring fame, Khalifa received harsh criticism from her native Lebanon for her career in adult film. However, when the former actress appeared in one of the films wearing a hijab, the Islamic State took it as an offense and a group of jihadists sent her death threats.

That was one of the reasons that led her to quit within a few months of starting her career in the adult film industry. The other reason was purely personal. In the interview, the Lebanese indicated that her self-esteem problems and abuse were also the trigger for her retirement.

Will Mia Khalifa return to adult cinema?

At 26, Mía Khalifa is in a relationship with chef Robert Sandberg, with whom he already has marriage plans. Khalifa currently promotes products on his social networks and models lingerie for various brands.

On his return to erotic films, Mía Khalifa maintains that “he would never return to adult cinema.” The announcement was made in August 2018, when a producer proposed to be the star of an erotic film, causing the anger of the former adult film actress.

“Let me make this as clear as possible: I could be starving on the streets and living behind a Starbucks garbage can and still say no to that offer,” he said via an Instagram post.

Faced with the possibility of more similar proposals, Mía Khalifa sent a strong message to the producers of adult films. “To each of the future proposals of this style I say: why don’t you ask your daughters too? I’m sure the money would go down very well for them,” she emphasized.

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