Mia Khalifa: What is the terrible disease you suffer from?


Mia Khalifa confessed that she suffers from a terrible disease. What treatment does the model receive to stay healthy?

The former actress of the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa, told through her Instagram account how she faces a terrible disease that has affected her health for years. It is about hyperhidrosis, what is this discomfort about? And what treatment does Khalifa follow to cure himself? We explain it here.

The former sports commentator revealed that she suffers from this disease in 2017. Since that year, she has told her followers how her treatment is going through her social networks. In this video, Mia Khalifa shows the third session of her healing process.

Mia Khalifa disease is evidenced by excessive sweating that is not necessarily caused by high temperatures or physical exercise. Symptoms of hyperhidrosis can be indicators of a serious condition if they are accompanied by chest pain, nausea, and lightheadedness.

Why does Mia Khalifa suffer from this disease?

According to information obtained by the La Verdad Noticias team, hyperhidrosis is caused by a hereditary component. When suffering from this disease, the nerves activate the sweat gland function at any time.

Apparently Mia Khalifa detected these signs in time and decided three years ago to undergo treatment to cure her disease. In April 2017, the former Lebanese actress posted a video where she revealed that she suffered from hyperhidrosis. She also thanked the doctors who work to cure her.

“If this was a paid ad, I would at least push myself to put on some makeup and clothes. I’m really overwhelmed by the solution this Botox has for #hyperhidrosis. It’s embarrassing to say “I have a sweating problem,” but if this helps other people, I’m more than happy, “she confessed.

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Mia Khalifa feels more confident

In December 2017, Mia Khalifa shared that her treatment to cure her hyperhidrosis can reduce sweating by up to 90%. This consists of applying botox injections in the areas of the body that sweat the most.

After a few months, Mia Khalifa revealed that the sweating she suffers from occurs in three areas of her body: armpits, hands and feet, which she fights with botox injections that require 20 minutes.


“What they do is inject Botox into my problem areas, and the sweat glands shut down. I can wear gray shirts again! Men, this is such an easy solution if you want to avoid sticky handshakes in meetings,” he wrote.

Mia Khalifa said that since she underwent the treatment, she has felt more self-confident. “You can not only get it under your arms, but also on your feet and hands. (This treatment) will make you no longer feel guilty about holding someone’s hand,” he said.


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