Mia Khalifa went to the gym and recorded her training. Look!


Mia Khalifa went to the gym and recorded her training. Look! Mia is focused on performing her complex routines.

The Lebanese model knows that in order to continue to develop successfully and continue its fame, it needs to have a silhouette of ten with which it can outperform its competition.

Mia Khalifa has dedicated this year to create a new personal brand, leaving behind her work as an alternative film actress, so now she wants to devote herself to new projects.


Khalifa dedicates great hours to her training and she has demonstrated this in her Instagram account, where she reaps more than 18 million followers.

Through a video, in which she is filmed very close, Mia teaches how she does a resistance exercise to show that she has everything she needs.


The video already exceeds 3 million views less than a day after its publication. Her fans took the opportunity to leave messages such as “you are my inspiration”, “keep it up” and “what good results”, which have surely encouraged the 26-year-old actress.


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