Mia Khalifa wearing a swimsuit while bathing


Model Mia Khalifa drove her Instagram followers crazy after appearing completely soaked in milk.

The name of Mia Khalifa is known around the world and it is not only because of her current popularity as an influencer on Instagram, since to date she is still identified as one of the best and most popular actresses in adult cinema (despite having been only three months).

Perhaps your popularity increased when you decided to retire from the industry. With only 3 months and 29 films made in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa became one of the most recognized and famous porn actresses in the world.

Khalifa’s past continues to follow her, especially on Instagram, as any photograph of her immediately becomes popular, especially when she appears scantily clad. Such is the case of a photograph that was shared on a fan page of the beautiful businesswoman and model.

The image was uploaded to Instagram 19 weeks ago, on May 9 to be exact, it shows the Internet celebrity and Robert Sandberg’s fiancée showing off his figure that from what can be seen was before he started his exercise routine .

For a few months, the former sportscaster decided to change her appearance and become a fitness girl, which has caused her to lose weight a lot, precisely for this reason she began to be criticized by some of her followers.

Mia Khalifa drove her fans crazy

In the main Instagram snapshot, you can see the model wearing a pink swimsuit. Although it is something simple, its charms stand out in the same way, the funny thing is that the model is bathing, but not with water but with milk!

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With one of her hands, she is holding a bottle like the ones used a few years ago (when milk was distributed in houses) while she drops the liquid all over her figure. As expected, the image of the model quickly gained popularity among her fans.

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Although Mia Khalifa retired from the industry, she always manages to attract the attention of her followers in one way or another, it is impressive to see her wearing her outfits that on several occasions have revealed something more than just her skin.


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