Mia Khalifa: This athlete’s first husband


Most people know that the Swedish chef, Rober Sandberg, is Mia Khalifa’s husband, but this is her second marriage. Who was the first?

In Somagnews we will talk about the past of the controversial Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese model who became famous for her passage through the world of pornography. It turns out that she has an ex, yes, before meeting her current husband, Robert Sandberg was married to someone else.

And although we know her current husband, Robert Sandberg, who has stayed away from the media issue, and who is also a renowned chef who in 2016 won the title “Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef”, surely you did not know about her ex-husband.

Some time ago, several details of the intimate life of the Lebanese model were revealed, including his first marriage that he apparently kept hidden before becoming one of the most famous pornstars.


Mia Khalifa and her American ex-husband

Let’s summarize her life story a bit. The former adult film actress came with her family to the United States when they emigrated from Beirut in 2000, she was 9 years old, then she moved to live in Montgomery County.

In that county, Khalifa played lacrosse in high school and later enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program in History at the University of Texas at El Paso.

But the renowned erotic actress married an American man when she was 18 years old and when she married, she adopted the identity of Sarah Joe O’Brien and although not much is known about her then husband, it seems that Mia Khalifa’s marriage may have broken when managed to enter the pornographic industry and position itself as the most famous.

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Some images on social networks show the joy that both shared and the great body difference of a young Mia without surgeries.

Many speculated that her partner was a military man due to the circulation of some images, but so far the reason why the marriage ended is unknown, but many suggest that it was his facet in the porn industry.


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