Mia Khalifa talks about her relationship with Lebanon


Mia Khalifa has never stopped loving her home country, Lebanon, even if the latter has disowned her and prohibited her from setting foot there again.

Model Mia Khalifa recently sat down for an interview with Mouin Ali Jaber and Medea Azouri on the “Sarde (After Dinner)” podcast. In their conversation, they spoke of their effort to help the Lebanese people after the Beirut explosion in August.

Jaber also asked Khalifa if she was hesitant to help the people there and to oppose the government because of the way they treated her before. “Of course not,” Khalifa replied. “I think the tumultuous relationship has been one-sided. I never stopped loving Lebanon. I never stopped identifying as Lebanese.”

She added that if she could visit the country during summers every year, she would. Although she has been banned from visiting the country, Khalifa insisted that being Lebanese is something that cannot be taken away from her: “No one can take that away from me. I was born there, I grew up there. It is my culture, it is my heritage, it is my lineage.” .

“I am passing it on to my children, there is not a soul in the world that can stop me from doing that,” said the former adult film actress. Khalifa wants to visit her home country with her husband However, her fears have been her He doesn’t think it’s safe to go there because it was banned.

Mia Khalifa always speaks well of her country

Last month, Khalifa responded immediately to the massive explosion in Beirut. In a tweet, she wrote: “My heart is always with you.” Khalifa has not visited his home country for several years due to his brief stint in the porn industry, which runs counter to his religious and conservative nature.

However, he has never said anything bad against Lebanon. In his previous tweets, Khalifa called Lebanon “the country I love, but it doesn’t really love me.” The model has also not stopped promoting and praising it: “They have expelled me from my country, but I will never stop telling you that it is the most beautiful place in the world.”

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