Mia Khalifa shows up in a tiny nightgown


Model Mia Khalifa surprised her Instagram fans after opening her robe and showing what she was wearing underneath.

The famous former adult film actress, Mía Khalifa, has become one of the most sought-after women on the Internet, both for her performance in her “golden times” and for her new activity on social networks.

Right now, Mía Khalifa is dedicated to continuing to show her great beauty, but this time through daring photographs for Instagram, where she controls her content and continues to pamper her loyal fans in a somewhat different way.

This time we will address one of her best Instagram posts, or at least that is what her fans have let us know. It is a photograph where she appears wearing a nightgown and showing the bra underneath.

Mia Khalifa enjoys her new life

In case you didn’t know, Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, arriving in the United States in 2000, so she has been enjoying the American dream for 20 years. Right now they are enjoying time with her boyfriend Robert Sandberg, who loves her above all else.

Mía Khalifa has always liked sports very much, so she sometimes ventured as a commentator, this being one of her last jobs, although she also likes to play her role as a chef.

The model has more than 21 million followers, being one of the most followed influencers on Instagram. It should be remembered that in recent weeks it had become a trend thanks to the great controversy that was generated around her old job, however, everything has already calmed down.

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