Mia Khalifa reveals how weird her adult film debut was


Mia Khalifa revealed during an interview that her early days in the adult film industry were extremely strange.

The online porn industry makes fabulous billions of dollars a year, but the ones who benefit from this business are not the actors, but the large corporations that produce those materials. In a recent interview with the BBC, adult film actress Mia Khalifa spoke openly about the industry.

Mia Khalifa explained that as a child she was unhappy with her body: “I have struggled with excess weight all my childhood and never considered myself attractive. I did not think that men would appreciate me sexually.” In the early years of high school , I started to lose weight ”.

“In the last year, I have gained a lot of confidence. She was no longer that fat girl. I lost about 20 kilograms. Unfortunately, my breasts also shrunk, but then “Through exercise, I regained their firmness. Suddenly, I noticed that my breasts became extremely attractive to men,” commented the former adult actress.

She wasn’t used to that feeling of being wanted by someone else. I wasn’t used to feeling like this. When I started getting compliments, I didn’t want anything else. I wanted that feeling to last forever, “said Mia Khalifa during the interview with the BBC.

The model confessed that the invitation to make adult films was not direct. “Nobody said to me: How about acting in adult films? ‘ There is no such thing … At first, they told me: You are very beautiful! You look very good! You would have a very good career as a model in nude pictorial “, mentioned the now model.

When I first walked into a photo studio, I was surprised: I liked it immediately. It was clean, it was very beautiful. And it was in Miami. There was nothing there to make me feel ashamed. They asked me to take nude photos. It wasn’t until the second session that they asked me if I wanted to act in porn movies, “Mia said.

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Mia Khalifa revealed she was “a money maker”

However, the former actress admitted that, from the first moment, those who discovered her talent saw in her “a money-making machine”. at that time she was only 21 years old. Despite her overnight fame, the sportscaster’s life was never rosy.

“When I’m in public, I shut myself up. It’s terribly stressful. It seems to me that people are looking at me. I’m wearing clothes! But it’s like I’m seeing what’s beyond my dresses. I feel like I look naked and that gives me shame, “said the former adult film actress.

Now 26, Mia looks on with regret at her decisions and goes to great lengths to help other young women who are being exploited by the industry. “Addiction to pornography affects the relationship of the couple. Men expect their partners to do what they see in the movies. But in reality, there is no such thing! No one can be like that in everyday life,” Mia told end the interview.


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