Mia Khalifa remembers her past on Instagram


Former porn actress, Mia Khalifa, has awakened old passions with a sexy photograph.

The former porn actress, Mia Khalifa, has once again raised passions on social networks. Now, the sportscaster shared a sexy old photo on Instagram, where she sensually poses while eating a juicy piece of meat, from when she was dedicated to adult cinema.

In just 20 hours of publication, the image already had more than 1 million ‘likes’ and comments, including that of her partner, chef Robert Sandberg. Many remembered the time when Mia Khalifa recorded adult videos, although it should be noted that her time in this world was short.

Today, Mia is engaged in totally different activities. She has been a sports commentator, writer, and historian. A few weeks ago, Khalifa expressed through Instagram that he would reach the OnlyFans platform.

Her followers believed that it was a return to porn, however, Mia clarified that she would not share such explicit content, that it would rather be “regular” content but without the chains that Instagram puts on it.


Mia Khalifa story

After starring in a clip in which she performed a sexual act while wearing a hijab, Mia admitted that she had received death threats from the ISIS terror group. She said she was attacked by the online group and they threatened to behead her and sent her vile images of her execution.

This led to her leaving the adult industry, but she refused to let it ruin her life.

In October 2017, Mia Khalifa announced that she would be the co-host of a daily sports talk show called “Out of Bounds”, then resigned two months later.

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