Mia Khalifa received heavy criticism on Twitter


Former adult film actress Mia Khalfa received thousands of criticisms and taunts on Twitter after joining the OnlyFans subscription platform.

Mia Khalifa joined OnlyFans and Twitter users have mixed opinions on it, with some mocking her for joining the platform amid her battle with adult studio BangBros. Khalifa was part of the porn industry for three months and it’s been six years since she turned her back on him.

However, she is still fighting BangBros because the company still has control over the websites and the domain attached to her name. She has been attacking the adult company for refusing to remove her porn videos from their websites.

Since many celebrities join OnlyFans to offer adult content, Khalifa received criticism for recently joining this platform. “I just found out that Mia Khalifa started at OnlyFans. WTF? I thought she hated the adult industry,” one tweeted.

“Here you go … a former adult film actress who will continue her life’s work,” commented one with a screenshot from Khalifa’s OnlyFans account and a laughing emoji. “She was losing attention. Now she has control and everyone’s attention with her own page,” added another Twitter user.

Some users defended Mia Khalifa

In her previous interview, Khalifa said that she is not against porn, but she is against predatory contracts in the porn industry. She explained that she felt compelled to sign it because it was delivered to her the same day she met with executives and she didn’t have time to think about it.

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But BangBros refuted this claim by saying that the model was not forced to sign the contract. Meanwhile, some of the former adult film actress’s fans still support her move to join OnlyFans because it’s her choice to do so and this time it’s not forced or manipulated.


Furthermore, they understood Khalifa’s point of encouraging those planning to join the porn industry to “own its content.” “I’m a huge Khalifa fan, I always enjoyed his porn. Too bad he’s ashamed of those great performances, but if he now has Only Fans, that’s great,” wrote one follower.



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