Mia Khalifa is looking for a new buyer for his glasses


Mia Khalifa sold her infamous glasses on eBay, but the winning bidder canceled it, so she is looking for a new buyer.

Mia Khalifa sold her popular glasses on eBay for $ 100,000, but the winning bidder canceled it, so they are contacting the second buyer. The former porn star auctioned off her infamous glasses to raise money after the massive explosion in Beirut in August.

Khalifa gave an update on the auction on his Instagram Stories. “Good morning, I want to give you a little update on the auction of the infamous glasses that sold for $ 100,000 on eBay,” he said in a video clip while holding a cup of coffee.

“They, in fact, did not sell for $ 100,000. The first seller (buyer) did not go through the process and they will go to the second seller (buyer) for $ 99 and something. “Khalifa has been working with eBay and they have already contacted the second bidder. However, they have not heard from yet. of the.

However, the former sportscaster is optimistic about the second buyer. “We have reached out to him. eBay doesn’t work on the weekends, so it has been very difficult to coordinate with them, which is why it is taking so long. We only have 4 or 5 days a week to correspond with them, ”he continued.

Mia Khalifa trusts the second buyer

“The second seller has been contacted. Your account has an excellent reputation. He is five years old. Has made sales of $ 100 and something. So we feel good about that, you just haven’t seen the messages. So we’re just waiting and I’ll keep you posted. ”

When the auction was still ongoing, some Twitter users were concerned whether the bids were legitimate because there are so many fake bidders on eBay. They are concerned about bogus bids because the auction money is for Beirut. “People can fake bids on eBay,” one user commented on the former adult film actress’s post.

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