Mia Khalifa forgets about quarantine to enjoy caviar


Lebanese model Mia Khalifa has had to adjust to confinement, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a good caviar.

The quarantine has not been an excuse for Mia Khalifa to leave her exercise routine, an activity that she usually began to share on Instagram after retiring from her career as an adult film actress.

Mia Khalifa tries to stay in physical shape from home, even some of her followers have been surprised by her new appearance and there are those who speculate about these changes, because now she looks much thinner.

In this regard, the former porn actress said that her progress has a history since last December, because eight years ago she weighed just over 77 kilograms. Now take virtual classes to maintain that figure.

Mia Khalifa missed restaurants

However, the current sportscaster, who recently surpassed 20 million followers on Instagram, had shown her nostalgia by returning to restaurants and open spaces.

Therefore, in Somagnews we show you the images that the sensual model published through her social networks, where the beautiful Lebanese shared the delicious foods she tasted during the day.

In the photographs you can see Mia Khalifa enjoying a beautiful afternoon while eating some caviar, accompanied by another succulent dish during her visit to Bell’s restaurant in Los Alamos.

Mia Khalifa is engaged to a chef


The influencer is already engaged to international chef Robert Sandberg, which is why she speculated a fatalistic scenario in which if the wedding was not carried out in the context of the “end of the world”, she asked to be buried with one of the white dresses hanging in your closet.

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