Mia Khalifa declares herself a K-Pop fan


Mia Khalifa, the former adult film star who retired 6 years ago, was trending on Twitter after revealing that she was a fan of K-Pop.

Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa surprised thousands of users on Twitter after confessing that she was a fan of GOT7, a popular K-Pop group. GOT7 is an active boy band from South Korea with seven members. Her fans call themselves “AhGaSe”.

Mia Khalifa launched videos on the popular short-form video app TikTok to talk about the impact porn had on her mental health. GOT7 fans started supporting her after she publicly revealed that she was a fan of the popular K-Pop group.

User @Omgitstamz asked AhGaSe and ARMY, the fans of the popular South Korean boy group BTS, to post fancams of the boy groups on porn sites to make Khalifa’s videos “disappear” from the web.

Another user @ 96hochi called Khalifa “a victim of abuse in the porn industry” and demanded justice for her after finding out that she listens to GOT7. The former adult film actress expressed amazement that going public with her preference for K-pop music would result in so much support online.

Mia Khalifa was defended by K-Pop fans

“Now that I have gone public about my GOT7 guilty pleasure I feel like my dignity has been restored online,” Khalifa said on TikTok. Other users of that social network rushed to support her. Mainstream user Meenachi wrote: “I have seen a woman claiming ownership of her sexuality. We love it, ma’am. ”

Another user lamented the way Khalifa received criticism for speaking out against pornography after making porn videos. “That woman should be heard. What happens to humanity? Brandon Morse wrote. The model had previously said that she only made $ 12,000 when she made adult films.

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