Mia Khalifa appeared in commercials eating the cake


What or who could cause an uproar on social networks, no doubt Mia Khalifa and now because a huge publicity shows her eating “everything”.

And although it might sound quite strange, this is a real fact, Somagnews was able to find out that a huge billboard advertised Mia Khalifa’s face to promote a newly developed home delivery application.

This advertising has caused controversy by showing the face of a former porn actress, this because the community of the place is quite conservative.

This shows that the mobile application to request the ready meals service has a clear desire to stand out in a now very competitive sector, but showing Mia Khalifa was not the most subtle way to do it.

Mia Khalifa in huge spectacular giving bites

The brand, “Taw Taw”, in fact, has placed in several places in Tunisia posters that show the now Lebanese influencer Mia Khalifa tasting a sandwich while the phrase “Tired of eating only sandwiches” can be read.

The sports commentator, also, became famous for having participated briefly and occasionally in some pornographic works in 2014.

But given that the place is quite conservative, the joke didn’t elicit much laughter and instead earned the brand a lot of criticism when netizens saw that the ad was in very bad taste, deploring such “cheapness” of using the image of the young woman and her sulphurous past of the former porn actress to publicize.

For its part, the Ena Zeda community, denouncing sexual assault, commented on the poster in these terms: “A Tunisian catering company does not hesitate to lynch a vulnerable person who has been the victim of harassment and bullying to make people laugh but above all to make money”.

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She also added “Did you want to create a buzz on the back of women? This is a bad buzz! Until this company publicly apologizes for this heinous, violent and sexist act, we strongly encourage our community to boycott it. “


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