Mia Goth returns in the X Prequel Pearl Trailer


A24 has released the long-awaited trailer for Pearl, the prequel to the 2022 horror film X by T. West. Mia Goth reprises her role as the main character, and this time the audience will find out how she became a murderer.

Goth became famous for playing Pearl and Maxine, a young actor who is part of a group of directors who stay at Pearl and Howard’s farm (Stephen Yure) during the filming of his film.

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The trailer for “Pearls” begins intelligently with the words “A24 invites you to discover the X-traditional origin story.” The Young Pearl prays and says, “Please, Lord, make me the biggest star the world has ever known. So that I could fly far, far away from this place.”

The setting of Pearl is the same as X, with an old and crumbling farmhouse in the village. When Pearl was younger, she ran a boarding house on her farm in Texas and took care of World War II veterans. The makings of a murderer are present when Pearl is told that it is “wonderful”, but she shares her dream of their death. Pearl also rolls one elderly man to the water where an alligator is watching, a menacing nod to the scene in X where Bobbi-Lynn (Brittany Snow) dies this way. The film takes place in 1919. There are a lot of filmmaking lessons in X, and it looks like T.West has made another creative and impressive film. West and Goth wrote the script together.

The title X has a double meaning, as it refers to an adult film the characters are working on, and also suggests that Pearl “kills” people who come to stay on her farm. Pearl also plays with this letter when Pearl goes to the casting, and she is told: “We’re looking for someone with the X Factor.” The film also hints that Pearl is starring in porn of the early 20th century. It seems that fans of X will learn a lot about how Pearl becomes who she is, and why she is so lost, lonely and heartbroken in old age.

Pearl looks as tense, dark and smart as she did in the first movie, with Goth’s character armed with an axe as he walks around the grounds, and in one scene that will surely be remembered, another character caught fire. X is among the highest-grossing horror films of A24. According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed $11,765,309 domestically and $14,327,406 worldwide.

“Pearl” will be released in theaters on September 16, 2022.


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