Mi Cloud account how to remove?


Mi Cloud is Xiaomi’s cloud service, which works similarly to Apple’s iCloud, and has a simple account removal process. This is necessary when the user decides to sell the Xiaomi device, pass it on or even use another profile on the cell phone.

In general, Mi Cloud allows storage in the company’s cloud and data synchronization, such as photos, contacts, calendar, notes and device settings. It also serves to perform backups, as well as to track, block and delete the contents of the device remotely, in case of loss or theft.

How does Mi Cloud work?

Through Mi Cloud, it is possible to easily transfer data between Xiaomi devices, or even between an Android device and a Chinese model, thanks to cloud storage. Even, according to Xaomi itself, the service provides an easy migration – which, while not reaching the level of Apple, already makes life easier for users.

It is important to note that the Mi Cloud account can be accessed from anywhere, including the browser, allowing the user to view, control and change their data and media, even if they do not have the device in hand.

How much?

All users are entitled to a free plan of up to 5GB. But, if that is not enough, the company offers other paid modalities. The brand recently launched long-term storage plans:

50 GB Plan

10 years of storage: US $ 30.31 (about R $ 169.52);
60 years of storage: US $ 76.00 (about R $ 429.44).

200 GB Plan

10 years of storage: US $ 97.32 (about R $ 549.93);
60 years of storage: US $ 243.53 (about R $ 1376.12).


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