Mi Band 6 took Xiaomi to the top


In the wearable technology market, Xiaomi surpasses its major rival. Its rival winks at Xiaomi in the smartwatch market.


Xiaomi, which has come a long way in wearable technology, does not turn a blind eye to its biggest rival, Apple. The company, which received positive feedback from many users, especially with the Mi Band series, managed to leave Apple behind in the wearable technology market. Still, Apple produces the best smartwatches in the world, according to emerging reports.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple in the smart band market

Xiaomi has surpassed Apple not only in the smartphone market, but also in the wearable technology market. According to Canalys, Xiaomi made 8 million deliveries in the second quarter of this year. Just under is Apple with 7.9 million deliveries. In addition, Xiaomi controlled 19.6 percent of the wearable technology market share in the second quarter, while Apple has a 19.3 percent market share. Huawei is in third place with 3.7 million deliveries and 9.2% market share.

Smart Band market share and shipment list

Although Apple is in second place, according to reports, the company continues to produce the best smart watches. Apple Watch shipments are increasing 29.4 percent year over year. Even though Apple does not have a smart band, Xiaomi has managed to leave Apple behind thanks to Mi Band 6, as the wearable technology market is kept together. The most important point is that Apple stands at the top of the smart watch market.

Smart Watch market share and shipment list

Apple is at the top of the smartwatch market with 7.9 million shipments and 31.1 percent market share in the second quarter. In second place is Huawei with 2.3 million shipments and 9.0 percent market share. In the smartwatch market, Xiaomi ranks fifth with 1.5 million shipments and 5.7 percent market share.


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