Mi Band 6 should allow WhatsApp and Telegram chats

Xiaomi is expected to launch the Mi Band 6 this year with major improvements, including improved support for WhatsApp and Telegram. According to codes found in the Mi Fit app, the bracelet should allow the user to respond to messages directly on the wrist screen.

According to the information found in the app, the user will be able to swipe up on the screen and reply to messages. The leak only lists support for SMS, but Xiaomi Adictos, the first website to reveal the novelty, believes that the manufacturer should implement the tool for all text apps that are mirrored on the bracelet.

It is important to note, however, that the responses will be limited. The codes found in the Mi Fit app indicate that the user will have three quick shipping options directly on the Mi Band 6. Check the phrases listed by default:

I’m in a meeting, I’ll answer later
I’m driving, contact me later
I can’t answer now, contact me later
Despite the limited response, Xiaomi Addict says that the user can use Mi Fit to personalize the standard messages offered by the bracelet. That is, just open the application and prepare unique texts to have a more customized experience in the answers.

Integrated GPS and Alexa

In addition to bringing more in-depth support for messaging apps, the Mi Band 6 should also have other developments. According to previously published rumors, the bracelet can reach the market working with the virtual assistant Alexa.

Xiaomi is also expected to make improvements to the wearable hardware. The new model can count on integrated GPS, a bigger screen and sensor to measure the level of oxygen of the blood.

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While the rumors are heated, Xiaomi has not officially commented on the product until now. If the manufacturer follows its standards, the trend is that the Mi Band 6 will be revealed in the middle of the year.



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